Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Notes from Circuit Overseer Talk

I admit I'm still a bit of a "nerd".  When I am at meeting I always take notes.  I have found this helps me tremendously in remembering key points.

Last night our Circuit Overseer was here.  We had 134 in attendance which has become pretty average lately.  We used to average about 70 or so and on Sundays 90.  Our little congregation has grown!   Brother Bicht's talk last night was titled  "Follow Jesus' Pattern In the Ministry"

He said he would make it easy to remember his pattern and gave us the 4 "M"s

Jesus was always motivated by love for Jehovah and love for people.    1 Peter 2:21 tells us that Christ left a model for us to follow.

Jesus used the same method as we Jehovah's Witnesses do today.  He preached "house to house" (Acts 20:20)

Jesus' message is also the same as we preach today.  We tell people the good news of the Kingdom.  We share with them what the Bible fortells for our future and what Jehovah has planned to rid the earth of all of the violence, hatred and death..  (Isaiah 65:17)

Jesus' manner was composed of three things zeal, boldness and impartiality.   Jesus knew as we do today that people's lives were at stake and therefore preached with great zeal. (Acts 5:28)
It may take much prayer on our part to be bold.  Many are shy and get comfortable preaching door to door but when it comes to talking to workmates, schoolmates, other family members we hold back.  We, too, need to be bold.
We want to be like Jesus and never "pre-judge".  We never know who is looking for the truth found in God's word the Bible.  We want to be like Jesus when he talked to the Samaritian woman at the well and share zealously, boldly and without partiality.  (John 4:6)

I enjoyed the meeting last night.  Other than the circuit overseer's talk we had our Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting.  We always learn much.  Sharing in association before and after meeting is always wonderful.  Last night I was able to see a sister who has a new six week old daughter.  The lil' one has grown so much in just six weeks and is such a pretty little thing.  When I first started attending my congregation about 2 and half years ago there were not many children at all.  Now there are many kids of various ages.  It's always wonderful to hear the little ones of about 2 and up answer questions.  The circuit overseer made sure to include parts last night that made it easy for them to participate and give short answers.  I love to see how proud they are of themselves when answer.

If anyone has questions about my religion please feel free to ask.  You can also visit the following link to look up anything you may wonder about on your own.  Official Site

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