Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I NEVER thought I would say... until I became a MOM

Years ago, when the children were little, (16,17 and 20 now) I did in home daycare to supplement my husbands income so I could be with my children. One of the children I watched belonged to my husbands cousin who was and English teacher at the local school. She is a soft spoken person. We would often joke about "well I NEVER thought I would have had to say this but..."

One morning she was extremely late. She lived about 45 minutes from the school but was rarely late dropping Kyra off. She came to the door shaking her head. At this point Kyra was just over a year old. She said I had one of those mornings and we can add a new saying our list... when asked what she just had to say that she never thought she would... "KYRA! NO!!! Do NOT dump that oatmeal on your head."

I had one of those moments last night. Not with a grandchild but with my 17 year old son. My oldest daughter brought us another dog a couple weeks ago. He has turned out to be an awesome house pet and although she was supposed to take him back I do not think she is going to and do not see myself having the heart to send him to the shelter. My son likes HIS dog and not the others in the house. Last night he was trying to get this little dog (still unnamed) wound up and was leaning over him growling. Before I thought about it I yelled "lewis! Quit growling at the dog!" After the words came out of my mouth I mumbled "another thing I would never have imagined saying before I had children"... and walked into my bedroom with my head shaking.

When my grandchildren were here my 4 year old grandson was being quite obstinate about what I had made him for lunch. He crossed his arms and scowled and said "I am not eating this I want something else". I'm Nana. I always win. I don't cave. I explained to the little man that was his lunch take it or leave it. As I turned to walk back to the kitchen he was whining and trying to win me over. His six your old sister leaned over and said "AJ. NANA and Grandma DON't Play." Guess the grandmas on both sides have a reputation! I had to laugh at her. She was so on the money and it showed very much how she plays her parents but knows she can't get away with it with me.

I look forward to the things the new baby will say and do. Since I blog now I will be able to get them all down so my feeble memory won't have to work too much to try and recall the things said or done. 

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