Saturday, November 29, 2008

My thoughts on black friday

My daughter ventured out to the stores with her boyfriends mom at 4 a.m. yesterday a.m. I didn't give it much thought until my phone rang at 6 a.m.! She says (like it's the MIDDLE OF THE DAY) "would you rather have a gown with a hat and botties for the baby or one with a hat and mittens?" 

My reply. "Kaitie you crackhead (no she's not but i'm thinking only a crackhead would call their mom at six a.m. with a question like that) do you know it's six a.m.??????"

"Well, duh, mom but I'm shopping and I need to know which you would rather have for the baby."

I don't get up and go to the stores for a very good reason. I would have to hurt someone. Literally. My daughter said her first experience was waiting in line to get in the first store and there was a girl there with a very young baby. Her boyfriends mom mentioned how today was Colby's birthday and he was one. The girl looked at my daughter and said "it's his birthday well where is he?"

My daughter... being VERY outspoken said "he is home in bed sleeping where all children should be at four a.m. instead of out in the cold!" She said many of these mom's didn't even have their kids bundled up! 

I am thankful for the peace that comes from knowing the truth in the Bible. From knowing that Jesus was NOT born in December and that Christmas is based on bunch of different pagan festivals rolled into one and celebrating this would by no means make God happy. From the history channel info on it's origins

Not celebrating at first when I learned the Bible truth was very hard. I used to be ms Christmas. My lights and tree were up the day after Thanksgiving and there were tons of traditions I followed. But now, it's a day off with family. Generally we will still have a big meal because we are all home. I buy my kids gifts through out the year which is great because they are always surprised and never know when they will get something special. We do not have the stress at the end of the year of where is the money going to come from to buy for so and so? 

If you would like more info directly from your Biblego here OR here

it is truly amazing what you learn from your very own copy of the Bible. 

My daughter did get some good deals yesterday but to me it isn't worth the risk you take going out at that time of morning with that many crazed people. To think that people lost their lives yesterday because of a holiday they feel obligated to celebrate is sad. 

Having a happy family is the most important thing. 

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