Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homemade laundry soap

I made my homemade laundry soap and let it set for the 24 hour waiting period. It is goopy. It doesn't smell bad at all. I did not add any oils to it for smell.

Here is what it looks like:



Here is hubby's shirt BEFORE:


up close on the stain with is more than likely some type of oil from his chain saws he uses. Generally unless I way pretreat with zout AND borax nothing will come out.


I did NOT use any pretreat at all. 

Here is the results. I was VERY surprised!



There is only a very light stain left. This is awesome for a shirt he wore to work. It is very difficult to get these oils out of his shirts. I am sure if I had pretreated the whole thing would have come out but this was my test... 

Cost breakdown to make the soap. .51 cents for 2 gallons! about a tenth of a penny per load! Big difference from Tide which is usually around .33 cents a load or more.

I got the recipe from the above site.

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