Monday, November 17, 2008

Discount Food Store -- my foot!

This a.m. I needed a couple more ingredients for my soup.  I was thinking about it and figured I would run to the "Forest Discount Grocery".  It opened last summer but I have only been in there a couple times.  It's not far, right across from the Winn Dixie BUT it is tucked back in and I don't much think about it.  Since I am trying to find ways to cut corners where we can I figured that might be the place to do some shopping.

WOW!  Was I ever wrong.

Canned veggies:  .89 per can.   Cost at Save A Lot  .39/ can    
Milk:  4.89/gal Cost accross the street at CVS: 3.69/GAL    Cost at Aldis:  2.79/ Gal

NOW... can they legally call themselves a discount grocer????  I think not!


  1. I hate stores like that!!! So frustrating! I went to one a few weeks ago that advertises the lowest prices in town, and they were ridiculously overpriced. I'm not sure which town they meant!!

    You asked on my blog about my cost for homemade bread. I actually measured out a bag of flour and divided the price I pay by the number of cups. My current flour supply, both white and wheat, equates to .10 a cup (thank you, coupons!). For sourdough, I calculate that my starter costs me about .13 a cup with the flour and occasional milk I have to feed it. Sugar costs me .17 a cup, and margarine about .24 a stick (3 cents a tablespoon). I buy yeast in major bulk, so that is only pennies, and salt is also negligible. Sometimes, as in my favorite roll recipe, I use honey, which I've figured at .12 a tablespoon. So, with all those numbers, I can calculate that my sourdough bread costs me about .75 for a large loaf, and my rolls are about .85 for 2 dozen simple round rolls. I hope all that makes sense! :-) I do use a bread machine for rolls and sourdough, but I also have recipes I use for bread by hand and have used my KitchenAid mixer to knead, as well. I'm not set in one method, but I definitely love my machine!!

  2. I feel like that sometimes when I go into Grocery Outlet here. Besides it is farther than I would like to travel it doesn't help much if you can't find a good deal. I keep a price book (okay well I used to -- but still remember what is a good price ) and just stock up when things are on sale.

    The Taco Soup recipe sounds just about the same except I put chicken in it and don't put ranch dressing mix. This time the chicken is from leftovers that someone brought us after having the miscarriage last week.

    I will post my recipe when I make it.


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