Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Country Music... the songs of life

Music has played a large part in my life.  My grandfather taught himself to play the "fiddle" at the age of 9.  I grew up spending weekends listening to him play in a band at local square dances.  Many a night us kids would dance and twirl and bunny hop and dos e doe around till we were so tired.  We would find a chair, a corner, somewhere to curl up and fall asleep.  When grandpa was done and mom and dad were danced out they would load us up and head home.  I remember many a night of dad carrying me to the car.  

When I got older I learned to play piano and violin.  I was never like grandpa and played "fiddle".  I wish I had learned that type of music on my violin.  I have always loved music.  A song can bring back memories and touch your heart.  

When I saw this couple on Can You Duet I told my husband... they will go far.  This is what COUNTRY music REALLY is... the old stuff.  The stuff my parents listened to.  On warm summer nights mom and dad would put is in bed about 8 pm.  The would put a stack of records on the record player, turn it way up so the music filled the house and we would go to sleep to Porter Wagner, Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty....  it brings back such happy memories thinking of those evenings.   When I hear Joey and Rory... I'm 10 again.

Watch this submission video for their entry onto the show Can You Duet.  It is a great introduction to them and their music.  Then please, buy thier music.  I downloaded the whole cd today at Amazon.com for 8.99.   Show the music industry there are those of us who appreciate the OLD stuff.

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