Thursday, August 7, 2014

And So It Begins.....

Our youngest and last child has started school.
How is that possible?
Getting on the school bus on Monday he was so very excited...

His first task... color the picture and and attempt to write his name on the paper.
 He went right to work...

He looked so cute in his new glasses that made in the mail on Friday just in time for the start of school.  Today is day four.  They are all scratched up!  

I know boys will be boys and all of that.... but seriously? 

When we asked how they got scratched....   "someone on the bus stepped on them" 
When we can afford another pair (yes I use which saves a ton but on one income another 30 bucks is just not feasible again so soon) the next pair I will glue to his face I guess... 

 I shouldn't have blinked....

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