Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Past Week, Upcoming Weeks... Attempting Organization.

So, the past week has been... another week.  Friday lil Man had his ear surgery done.  Had tubes put in.  Was a bit more pain afterward because he had an infection in one ear.  Two days later, however, he is back to his old self.  

I have been writing much more down in my planner so that I can hopefully keep up with what is due when and stuff for Aiden's school.  Still slipping on some things, as usual, but it is helping a bit to have it in writing where I can see it.  As nerdy as I am a paper planner is helping me.  I do put some things that I do not want to forget into my phone calendar and schedule a reminder to pop up or text to me.  This, however, also means that I have to remember to turn the ringer on my phone after I leave work.  The actual writing of something down is very helpful.  

I want to purchase an Erin Condren Life Planner .  I have been drooling over them for weeks. Here is a link to a great review by another blogger.  Kalyn @ Love. Laughter. Happily Ever After.   Her review told me two things.  1.  I NEED an EC Planner and 2.  I'm not alone in this obsession.   Everyone says they are well worth the $50 plus price tag, and they very well may be but right now it is not in our budget.  So, for now I am holding out for a sale or coupon offer and using what I have on hand which is an UnCalendar .  This is how I am tweaking my uncalendar until I achieve my EC Planner goal.

This planner has some awesome pro's to it.  I use my Sharpie Fine Point Pens so I can make things "pop" out at me.  The paper in the planner is nice and thick so there is no bleed through at all.  The Sharpie pens really are great because they do not bleed through most papers anyways.  

One of the first things I did was to give it some pockets.   I used some file folders I had on hand that were decorative and some tape to put a pocket in the front and the back.  That is one of the features of the Erin Condren I fell in love with... the pocket.  Until I have the money saved to get my Erin Condren I can at least get used to utilizing a pocket.  Right?  The folders I have on hand are similar to these .  I guess I could have used regular plain ones to make pockets but why not be cute?

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