Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where Can You Get Help In Times of Distress

UPDATE: 9/2014  I did not realize that when microsoft changed from skydrive to onedrive they changed my links to folders:  here is where you can access my notes:   Theocratic Notes

I have posted my notes to the above titled public talk to a public ONENOTE folder if you would be interested in reading them they can be found here.  My plan is to use the site to put study notes, convention notes, public talk notes etc. to save for my own use but if you would enjoy reading my notes you are more than welcome.  
I take a note book with me to all meetings and if I am able (I have a 16 month old) I take notes.  I try to transcribe them to the computer within a few hours of getting home to make sure I can remember what I abbreviated certain things for.  Smile

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