Friday, July 2, 2010

Catching up

So, things have been tough financially since my unemployment ran out.  (thanks Congress for vetoing that extension.. appreciate it).  Going to try to get back into college in August.  If not then definitely in January.  Decided to go ahead finish my associates in Health Information Technologies and then go ahead and go for my bachelors.

A bit of good news.  My daughter got a job a couple weeks ago working @ Olen Mills selling photos.  She was working weekends only which is something I need.  I asked her to see if they had any openings here and her boss said yes and should be calling me Monday.  I will work Fri-Sun. so i do not have to worry about daycare for my son (hubby is home those days).  It's per hour if you do not reach your sales goals but if you go over your sales goals it's per sale and it works out much better.

I hope this works out because we are struggling so bad with bills.  We rob peter to pay paul and then vice versa the next week.  My son, who is 19 and lives at home helps with bills also so that is a blessing.

Had a doc appointment today to follow up on my depression meds.  When I was pregnant and nursing Aiden I was on the smallest dose available.  Didn't really help much but kept me from having panic attacks.  So, now that my son is weaned I am trying to get my depression under control.

She added a new med and I also have to take cholesterol meds.   Hopefully once I get my weight back down I will be able to go off them again.  It's back to ground turkey for everything.  Not really sure why I got away from ground turkey for everything.  Kids like it better in most stuff than ground beef.

Hard to believe my son is 13 months now!  I have a post in my drafts folder about him turning one... I need to finish it and post it... with photos of course.  That will be my goal for the next few days.

Well, going to study for Sunday's meeting and take my meds.  Sorry I have been lax in my posting.  Hopefully things will be back on track soon.

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