Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting Revenge On My Farm town Avatar

So... I am a bit addicted to farm town... I'll admit that right off the bat.  Not as bad as some people but when you call friend and say "hey I have some crops ready can you come harvest...?"  You might have an issue or two.

One thing that has always irked me about the game is that as I am harvesting my little avatar likes to exercise.  Here I am in a hurry and in order to walk one little block in front of her...she walks the whole entire outside edge of the farm.  Then does the block.... then will walk several more laps till the next one.  It's aggravating.  When I want her to just get her job done she wants to stop and smell the roses and take the scenic route.

So, tonight, I am dealing with a bit of insomnia.  I decided to plant some crops on my farm.  That's when it hit me... it's the middle of the flippin' night, maybe my avatar is tired.  So, instead of planting nice squares where she could walk a little at a time I just started clicking all over the place.  One here, one way over on the other side of the barn then one back by the house, and so on and so on...

Take that!

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