Saturday, February 14, 2009

Preparing for a New Arrival

I just want to address some things that have come up in my life i the past few months. 

Upon learning that we were expecting a baby and then shortly thereafter having a few complications hubby and I discussed what this new arrival in our life would mean.

I have been laid off since last March.  I had put in many applications and have several interviews to no avail and in August switched to looking for part time work and going to college full time.  In Sept. when we found out we will have a new arrival coming in May we knew our lives would change.

My unemployment would be running out reducing our income.  I would more than likely skip at least one semester of college and if I do go back to work later on it will be something that will be opposite shifts as hubby so as to keep our child from being put into daycare.

The first thing we decided to tackle was all the "stuff" we would need for baby.  We had some money saved from left over financial aid so when we could find a good deal on something for baby we jumped on it.  With in a month we had gotten a beautiful crib with the mattress that was very gently used for only $125.00.  We did splurge and get the matching changing/table and dresser new but it will be a much used piece of furniture for many years to come. 

When we found out we were having a boy my daughter volunteered to loan us all of our grandson's clothes (he is 14 months old now).  So, we picked those up along with a swing, baby seat, diaper bag, and bumbo seat.  I then found a travel system on craigs list like new condition for $60.00 less than we would have paid brand new.  A friend of ours gave us some money to help pay for this, she also paid for a high chair which I got a great deal on at Big Lots.

Now, you may think, "wow, she's doing great! what's the issue."

Many people have complained that I have gone over board and there is nothing left to be purchased for a shower.  Well there is a ton we still need.  We can always use diapers etc. but I want to explain my reasoning on getting prepared early.

Today's economy is hard on everyone.  We know that once my unemployment runs out things are going to be VERY tight around here.  I didn't want to have a shower a month before I am due, not get a ton of stuff I need and have no money to purchase said stuff.  So, we agreed to buy what we could when we could.  I have visited resale shops and got great deal on blankets, a hamper, diaper pail and maternity clothes.  I know now that even if I don't have a shower we will not have to 'break the bank' to pick up the other necessities we will need when our little one arrives. (unless, of course, he's a she... then there will be some pink shopping to be done.)

I think it very wise for anyone in this day and age to think ahead when they have a baby coming.  Differentiate between your wants and your needs.  If there are things you want but can live without, take that money and use it for baby stuff.

This past week we got a tax refund.  Not much but helpful.  We have caught up on many bills, I have to pay for my son's senior stuff, everyone got new socks and undies that were badly needed and hubby got much needed jeans for work and boots.  The rest, if any is left, will go to bills and maybe a few more items to have on hand for baby. 

You can never be too prepared for a new arrival.  Showers and gifts from friends are great and wonderful blessings but I don't want any of my family or friends to feel obligated to have to help us out.  Small gifts such as a bottle of lotion, a bag of diapers, a box of wipes are just as appreciated as the big ones are.  Everything will be used and it will be one less thing we have to worry about purchasing later on when we are broke.

Today's economy makes it difficult to raise a family.  We were very surprised by our blessing of a sixth child for us.  (he has two I have three this is "our" first ... and also our sixth)  I was told six years ago that with out invetro or some such intervention a child for us was pretty much out of the picture.  This child is coming to us at a difficult financial time in everyone's lives but he will be loved beyond measure.  He will be cared for and fed.  We will teach him about Jehovah God and to appreciate everything. 

To one friend who repeatedly told me I have everything I need for the baby... I sent her a list of all the stuff we are still in need of.  :)  I also registered at Target and Walmart so that others can see what we need.  If I do find a great deal on something (like the fisher price glider we got a month or so ago that was 79 bucks marked down to 18.) I log on to the sites and take them off my lists. 

Preparing ahead must be part of my having been a girl scout.  It's wise in this day and age to think that things will not just be handed to you and to do all we can to be ready for the new arrival.

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  1. Congratulations on your newest blessing! I think your plan is serving your well and is thoughtful of others. A baby shower themed, Diaps, Wipes, Lotions & Potions would work out well for you and provide a way for friends & family to bless you without spending too much in these hard times. Good for you!


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