Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday and Saturday

Yesterday hubby and I did our "Friday" routine of hitting some garage sales and getting groceries.  We usually will either have breakfast or lunch out.  It's a nice day together.

Yesterday's garage sale finds were great.  Hubby got a smoker for $10.  I got another bread machine for $3.  This bread machine did not look like it had EVER been used.  Right now both bread machines are in the kitchen kneading bread.  Also picked up a like new umbrella stroller for $2.  That will be kept here for when the smaller grandchildren are here and we want to go somewhere.   I would have loved to went to the flea market yesterday and taken daughter and grandson but she hadn't brought a stroller.  

The grandson has been sleeping in the crib we have set up for our new baby in our room.  About 4:45 this a.m. I heard him fuss a bit.  He settled back down.  About 10 min later he fussed a bit more... he will do this in early a.m.   once he settles back down I go adjust his covers and he sleeps till about 8.  This a.m. he wanted up.  When I didn't respond to his little fusses he said "NA NA    NANA".  K, he got me.  I picked him up and put him in bed with me.  He was wanting to play.  I talked to him and rubbed his back till about 6.  Then I took him to his mom so she could get up with him and cater to his needs.  I can do that with this one... I am the grandmom!  

The girls and I are going to see Twilight this afternoon.  I really do not want to go as I believe they will ruin the book.  They never can do a movie half way as good as a book.  But the girls are all into going so I am going to take them.  I think we will go on Christmas day and see "The Curious Tale of Benjiman Buttons" with Brad Pitt.  

We rarely go to the movies.  The last movie we went to see was Wild Hoggs. With John Travolta.  I love that movie it was so funny.

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