Saturday, November 15, 2008

Busy Saturday and Grrrrrr

I slept till about 8:30 this a.m. and got up and started cleaning.  I started in the living room by stripping the couch cushions of their covers and putting them in the wash machine.  I used White Brite (formally known as yellow out) as my couch is white... (I know yuck but it was given to us).  After the five minute recommended soak the water looked like mop water!  I knew it was getting bad as the grand kids are here and even though I have the rule they are not to eat in the living room if I am not around the rule is not followed.  Even thier mom and dad does not enforce it.  It will start getting enforced!  We found a spot under one end table where someone had spilled and entire drink and not cleaned it up!  Now I will have to rent a steam cleaner and clean the rugs in a couple weeks.  More expense I shouldn't have to incur.  

I bought a shelf and installed it in the kitchen above the counter and turned it into my baking center.  I have flour, sugar, wheat flour, self rising flour, powdered milk, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder and vanilla all right there and handy now.  I am going to use the huge cupboard I used to have the baking stuff stacked in for cereal which will free up the bottom of my microwave cart in order to use it for small appliance storage.  Once I am totally done I will post some photos.  

My kitchen is so tiny it's hard to find places for anything.  When ever I cook and bake I am always griping and complaining about my kitchen.  

We went yard saling yesterday.  I picked up an entire crib ensamble for $3!  It's beautiful.  It's white eyelet material.  We also got a Revereware Stainless Steel 5qt pot for $5.  I have had my set that contains the same pot for 19 years now.  From the outside this one looked brand new but when I lifted the lid I could see why it was for sale and why no one else had bought it.  The person had burnt something on it so bad they had not been able to get it clean.  But I, being that my daughter did the same thing about five years ago, know how to fix this problem.

Five years ago....
I asked my 15 year old to keep an eye on the rice while I ran two blocks to the grocery store for something.  When I came back.... it had burned so bad it wasn't even funny.  After two weeks of soaking, comet, bleach etc.  hubby delared "Throw the damn pot away.  That crap is NOT coming off!"
I could not throw away my favorite pot!  I would figure something out some how some way.
A couple weeks later I ran to the hard ware store for something and some how came across this attachment for a drill.  It was a wire bristled brush.  It said "for paint removal or light metal polishing!"  Wallah!  

I bought the part and when hubby got home from work he found me in the kitchen with his drill, a tiny bit of hot water and some comet going at my pan.  When I got done it looked brand spanking new!  He had to laugh at my ingenuity!

So... yesterday when I lifted the lid on the pan I think the lady expected me to put it back on and walk away as all the others had all day.... I didn't.  I grinned from ear to ear and said "Honey, I know how to fix this.  SOLD!"   I know, I probably should have shared with the lady in case she does it to another pan but hey... maybe she'll sell it next year for $5 bucks!  :)

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