Monday, October 20, 2008

First Post About My Crazy Life and Family

So, I have been blogging for years... over four now at Xanga.  I need another blog like I need a hole in my head, however, my life is taking a turn I never expected at almost fourty and I think I shall start anew here, blogging about how life sure can sping you in a whole new direction.

I have three kids.  Kait is 20, Lew is 17 and Em is 16.  I have two step kids.  Shannon is 25 and Ryan is 21.  My hubby and I have been together for eight years and married seven.  (this March it will roll over to nine together and married eight).  Hubby is 47.  

We are expecting a baby in May.

We have moved a lot over the years.  With five kids you are always trying to find a bigger place.  Once they started moving out we started down sizing.  We are now in a small three bedroom mobile home.  At first we thought:  time to find a bigger place.  Then, in today's economy we thought, we can make this work.  HOW we are going to make this work should be interesting.  

This blog is going to be about our learning to get on a strict budget.  I am no longer working.  I was laid off in March and unemployment is about out.  I want to stay home with this baby for at least the first five years.  A month before I found out I was pregnant I started college.  Due to some complications I am now doing classes from home.  This is not what I had planned but it will work out.  I am hoping next semester to do online classes from home then in a year I will pick up and finish my last year of my degree.

I will also post recipes, funny stories, and mom stuff.

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