Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Savings Sites/Videos

Since everyone seemed to enjoy my last post on savings I am going to add more links and videos here that I have found since making that post.

We are in the process of getting organized to move to GA.  Big plus:  DOUBLE COUPONS>>>  so I have been watching videos by other super savers to learn how to stack coupons.  Which stores are best and different policies.    great for links to stores in the south and lists of match ups.  awesome forum to find deals and share deals with others.

For those near a Kroger: 

This one is just for sheer inspiration:

This website I just love.  She is more on simplifying your life than on couponing BUT if we simplify couponing will be easier.  Smile

Ok I’ll keep searching… for now enjoy these sites and videos. 

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