Monday, July 19, 2010

Semi-busy day...

Well, I accomplished a few things today but now all I set out to accomplish. 

Apparently Aiden is teething and was just having a ‘Mommy hold me’ kind of day.  Sometimes I start to get frustrated when he is like that…then, I take a deep breath and realize that my other kids are all older and way past that stage. (they are in their late teens/early 20’s) So, I put whatever I was working on off to one side and hold my baby.

So, laundry did not get finished.  I got my small book case moved and the books around.  Got the floor vacuumed and dinner cooked.  Did manage a trip to $ general and dropped Em and work and picked her back up.  So, it wasn’t TOOOO bad.

I almost got our study table cleaned totally off.  I will try to finish that first thing in the a.m. if Aiden is still asleep when I get up.

DSC04082My son showing his “Driver” temper.  Smile

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