Saturday, September 14, 2013

No Title... I'm not that witty today....

Good morning all... long time to write.....

I started my new job at BCBS/WellPoint in July.  Training has been intense, to say the least, and just now getting to do part of my actual job: answering calls.  That has been stressful as well.  Learning a new job is always stressful, learning one that has so much information is even more so.  In a year or so I hope to have all this info in my head that just pours out when I need it, right now most calls I have to reach out for a little extra help to find the answer but that keeps us humble.

Many times in life we try our best to push through things by ourselves.  We never ASK anyone for help; we don't let others know we are having struggles... the Bible teaches we should be humble.  From Insight on the Scriptures Published by the Watchtower Bible Tract Society there is this about the word humility:
A person can achieve a state of humility by reasoning on his relationship to God and to his fellowmen, as outlined in the Bible, and then practicing the principles learned. A Hebrew word, hith·rap·pes′, translated “humble yourself,” means, literally, “stamp yourself down.” It well expresses the action described by the wise writer of Proverbs: “My son, if you have gone surety for your fellowman, . . . if you have been ensnared by the sayings of your mouth, . . . you have come into the palm of your fellowman: Go humble yourself [stamp yourself down] and storm your fellowman with importunities. . . . Deliver yourself.” (Pr 6:1-5) In other words, throw away your pride, acknowledge your mistake, set matters straight, and seek forgiveness. Jesus admonished that a person humble himself before God like a child and that, instead of trying to be prominent, he minister to or serve his brothers.—Mt 18:4; 23:12.
  • it-1 pp. 1157-1161
  • Humility
Think about that for a minute.  It is humbling to have to ask for help, even if its a new job where you don't know everything but when we do we are doing what God taught us to do for our best interest.  Now, adding to this, it is in our best interest in ALL things.  If, at a new job, you give your best guess because your pride keeps you from wanting to ask for help and that guess is wrong, you could be out of a job.

Ok, my little side bar is done for now...  had actually hopped on to give a quick update...

My daughter and beautiful grandchildren visited for two weeks.  Loved that they were here.  Had a blast getting to know Rennie (Serenity).  She is my daughters' step daughter who she is in the process of adopting.  We haven't had much opportunity to get to know her as they live in FL and us in GA.  She is a blast to have around.  Of our 11 grandchildren only 4 are girls.  She is such fun.  She is 3 and into all thinks pink and purple and any Princess you can name.  I told her one evening if she went to sleep good I would bring her a surprise home... she yelled "I want a purple ONE!!"   She didn't care what the surprise was, as long as it was purple.

Here are a few photos from our day at the park.

Of course, here is my lil guy getting in on feeding the birds:
     He is four already... time flies.
 My daughter and her "babies"

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