Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanks Employer… uh…not

I was excited to see that we had received a yearly calendar in the mail from my husband’s employer.  I thought, how nice!  You really do not see a lot of companies handing out yearly calendars any more.  Maybe it’s because so many people have gone to online or electronic calendars and they feel it is a waste of their money.  I like to keep a calendar near my desk that I can put things on quickly then add to my online calendar later.  Plus it helps to have the visual reminder in my face.

This is what I found when I pulled the calendar out of the envelope. 



So, I’m thinking this is a good sized calendar.  Might not be pretty inside but a good size to jot appointments and bill due dates on.  Then I opened it….





Seriously????   That huge thing to insert a tiny calendar like that???  It’s useless!  It’s going in the garbage.  It’s a waste of paper, of company money and it killed some trees! 

So much for companies doing a nice thing for the employees. 


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