Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Yes, months.  I have been lax.  Sorry.

I became a working mom.  It's not that I haven't been a working mom before, however, this is the first time I have been a working mom with a toddler.  Daycare.  Chores at home after work.  Meal cooking when I feel like coming home and going straight to bed.  I suck at this.  When I worked when my older kids were home I had kids to help with the chores.  I lived 10 minutes from work and was home by 4:30 at the latest.  Now I am at least 40 minutes away (sometimes longer depending on traffic) and I am blessed if I get home by 6.  

When I come in the door at six do I feel like cooking?  Nope.  Hubby had arranged it so he gets home an hour before me and he could "get started".  He works outside in the heat all day.  Does he feel like starting dinner?  Nope.

So, my goal after months of struggling is to get some kind of organization going on before I totally go completely insane!  

I need to:
     Get rid of clutter.
     Get a schedule going. 
     Follow said schedule like my life depends on it.
     Meal plan.
     Get back into the couponing routine to save us money.
     Exercise so I feel better and rid myself of weight.  Again.
     Figure out how to get hubby on board with all of this so it's a team effort.

I want to:
     Move my blog to WordPress.  Debating on that whole endeavor.
     Write more.
     Work on my novel.
     Bible study DAILY.    *** the most important one!

So, the next few weeks (I wish I could accomplish this in days because I know once everything is organized things will go smoother, but I also know trying to do it all in days would be setting myself up for failure) I will blog about trying to pull all the raveling strings of my life together and maybe get a blanket... or at least a pot holder.  

Maybe using my blog will help with accountability.  Maybe it will help some other struggling mom find answers in my failures.  I know some of the things I might try won't work for us.  I know it will be a journey to find what works.

What worked great was me working while hubby was Mr. Mom... now THAT was nice!  I came home to a clean house and if I told him what to start he would have it started for dinner and he did the dishes too!  Unfortunately I do not make enough for him to be stay at home Mr. Mom all the time.   Maybe someday.

So, I have read tons by FlyLady and her schedules and organizing ideas.  I have known about her for YEARS.  I NEED to implement her ideas!  She says it all starts with baby-steps   So, there is my "plan" to a more organized, calmer life.

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