Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Deal On Newsweek $5/6months

When you go to the link it gives you an option for 6 months for $5.  Which is .19/issue!

Not sure how long amazon will be running this sale so hurry up. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Don't Tell Mom

Don't tell my mom that I occasionally go outside in my nice, clean white socks! (Oh, don't tell my kids either because I used to holler at them for this)
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Years Old

My adorable little boy is two years old today.  This picture was taken yesterday.  We got a pool for the yard and he had a blast in it.  It is so hard to believe he is two already.  First words, first tooth, first steps are all far behind us.  Sentences are coming together.  If I sneeze, or cough I hear a little voice say "you k? you k?"  And I reassure him that yes, mommy is ok.  If he burps, toots or even hiccups you hear a cute little "cuse me".   It's adorable when he does it after each hiccup.

As you can see in the photo below, from last week, he is a busy little boy.  He definitely  keeps you on your toes, so to speak.  The keyboard on my lap top is missing the F1-F3 keys thanks to him.  He was setting next to me and literally, in like a half a second grabbed a pencil from the table and whooomp...away flew the keys!

He is also a very curious little man.  I am glad of this.  It will make him ask questions.  It will probably make him ask so many questions that I will get sick of hearing "but why".  In the picture below he is checking out the large pine tree in the front yard.  Maybe he gets that from his daddy trimming trees for 30 years.  I love how when he concentrates his little tongue is clasped between his lips.  I remember seeing my grandmother doing this when I was a child and picking on her that she couldn't do anything without her tongue sticking out.  She would have adored Aiden had we been blessed enough to have her with us still.  My husband tells me I do the same thing when I am concentrating... but I will deny it until I see a photo.  

I can see his imagination starting to emerge.  Below he is attempting to ride his moo-cow.  He is fascinated with cows.  This is a good thing because beside our house is a huge field that cows come to a few times a week.  He loves seeing "his cows".   He'll play in the area off the hallway where his toys are kept and you can hear him talking and making car sounds and it's so adorable.

It's hard to believe it was two years ago that this photo was taken.  Having older children, I also know that it will seem like next week and he'll be graduating high school.

It is, however, good to know that as much as he grows and learns and changes... some things don't change...

He still puts his hands above his head to sleep....

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