Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sorry I've Been MIA .... moved and new family member

Wow!  It's been almost three months since I have posted here!  In three months we have packed up the household and moved to an entirely new state.  We are now in Georgia and I love it here.  We have a large five bedroom, 3 bath home on an acre of land in the boonies.  :)   Even though we are in the boonies we have a small grocery/gas station and cafe less than a mile from us in case we NEED them.  Generally I make a once a week trek to Publix for my huge shopping trips.  I have found I can save a ton of money shopping at Publix and I never would have thought that before!
To learn how I am doing this check out my saving blog :  Clipping2Save

Here are some photos of our new home:

And here is our new family member:



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