Monday, December 27, 2010

A Facebook ---- duh Julie moment….

I am sharing this for others that might have not had this illuminating moment on Facebook yet.

I have been trying to figure out how to filter my newsfeed. (for those that already know how, don’t laugh… some things take me awhile to catch on to…k?)  Anyways, I’d like to be able to click a button and find all the games my friends have updated recently, or at some times just see status updates and not the game things…   do you know there is a way to do this??????   AND it’s simple.

1 facebook for blog


See that most recent… see there is an arrow after it…. well if you click it you get a drop down menu that looks like this:

2 for facebook web post

See I put an arrow next to games…. if I click there I will only see my Farmville friends game posts…. how cool is that? (as my dear friend would say and you know who you are).   ---yes, I play Farmville, don’t judge me.

3 for facebook post

If I click on the status updates.. it filters out all the other stuff.. pages and game updates etc.

Now, when I am on there to see what my friends are up to.. I can click on status and not have to scroll through all the game play stuff. 

I block all the games I don’t play.  Recently the came out with Cityville.  That really doesn’t interest me so when they started popping up if you hit the ‘x’ in the upper right corner of the post you get the option to block the person sending them or block the application.  Just block the application and you will never have to deal with one of them again.  Smile

Friday, December 10, 2010

Glad THAT’S Over…. Next.


Finally, the semester has ended.  Final grades are not posted yet but pretty sure I passed everything.  Didn’t pass with the grades I would have wanted, however, as tough as those classes are I’m happy to have passed.  Especially with the memory issues I have been having lately.

The last month I pondered over it, talked with my professor and a dear friend (you know who you are) and made the tough decision to just go back to my business major.  Taking general businesses classes next semester and then may cross on into Human Resources Management.  All the classes I take will apply to that degree and the basic medical terminology and other classes I took this past semester won’t hurt in my future if I wanted to apply at a hospital or such.  I guess the semester was not entirely wasted.  

I have a month off (basically) before classes start again.  How am I going to use my time? 

Well, if I can get my little guy to slow down a bit I’ll cuddle with him, spend some time outside on the warmer days maybe blowing bubbles and start to pack.  It looks like we are going to end up moving to GA.  Probably mid-semester next semester so I made sure to have all online classes just in case.  I am going to start with packing books, knick knacks, photos etc.  This place will look barren but it’ll be a jump start on getting things done.  I have done four other long distance moves in the past, well, ok three, one of them the Navy did and that was NICE.  They pack and move everything for you!!!  I know that it has to be much more organized and together than if you are moving a few miles across town and can make trips back and forth.

I am also going to get a jump start on getting my coupons more organized to my standards.  More on that in an upcoming blog post, including pros and cons of coupon binders vs. filing the weekly flyers whole….

I am excited to move. To see a new part of our country.  Finally be able to spend time with my bestest friend in the whole world.  (we have been friends since second grade… a VERY long time).  Excited to start on a new adventure.  However,  I am not excited to leave my older kids in another state.  I think there should be some rule that no matter what decision you make in your life, what decisions you are FORCED to make you kids ALWAYS have to go with you. 

Thinking about that for a second that would never work.  We would all be living with parents/grandparents/great grandparents forever.  I guess that wouldn’t be a BAD thing. lol

So, my 18 year old daughter moved out a week ago.  Tough day for me.  She had been threatening since she turned 18 as all kids do and I’m sure we did as kids.  She was 18, she was an ‘adult’ she didn’t need rules.  Well, I called and told her to come home I had cooked dinner.  She called her sister and had her sister call me to tell me that she was moving out and not coming home.  Nice huh?

So, I am down to two boys at home.  My 19 year old and my 19 month old.  Smile  The 19 year old does not want to move to GA but finances may force him to have to move with us.  I don’t want him to be unhappy moving with us but I can’t say that it won’t be nice to have him with us.

I spent this evening clipping some coupons.  At a little after 11 we ran to wally for diapers.  My older son was home from work so he kept an eye on the little guy so we could go and not have to fight crazy people. (Not that the people out in the middle of the night aren’t crazy… some of them were quite questionable… but the holiday crowds.. not my cup o’ tea). 

Well, it’s almost 3 a.m.!  I’m going to try to sleep.  Was up till 3:30 last night. Not sure why.  Guess it’s time to break out the melatonin again. 

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