Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Join The Fun

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting the first chapter at my new blog called Chapter Tag.

The idea of Chapter Tags came to me several months ago during a brainstorming session and I talked it over with my best friend and she thought it would be great fun.  (ok, we are a bit nerdy)  Lately my daughter and niece have all started  blogging and sharing their love of writing.  I hadn't really given my blog idea much more thought after the initial conversation with my best friend until yesterday.  The idea came back and wouldn't leave so I started mulling the idea over and putting some things down on papers.  Within minutes I knew that each person would be doing a different chapter and the name Chapter Tag popped into my head.  The more I thought about things and wrote down rules the more excited I got.

I shared my excitement with my daughter and one niece.  My daughter didn't seem overly enthused as she was in class at the time chatting away with us while also taking notes.  My niece however seemed to like the idea as did another niece I spoke with later that night.

So, to see the rules and how things are going to work CLICK HERE

I would love to hear your feed back either here in my comments section or under the welcome post @ Chapter Tag  Please don't forget to follow Chapter Tag!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Slow Sunday

I am just puttering around today.  So far I have cleaned off a major hotspot (see Flylady's site for the definition of hotspot )  in our house.  The bar in the kitchen.  This is the area that everyone dumps their stuff.  I cleared off two flashlights, a box of Q-Tips, an unopened can of soda, three candles, numerous receipts, a knife with peanut butter on it, (thanks honey for that), a hot mat, several salt and pepper shakers (some that belonged by the stove and some that belonged on the table), and more junk that didn’t belong there.  Our bar is meant to be a breakfast bar but as it is quite tall and I am quite short so we never purchased any barstools to use.  Once that was done I started a load of dish rags and towels, my son’s laundry is in the dryer and I started a loaf bread in the bread maker.

The bread maker I am using was bought at a  yard sale for five bucks.  It was brand new, the girl had never used it and it had all the paperwork with it.  I tried to make several loaves in this bread maker after I first got it and got frustrated with it.  All bread makers are a bit different.  My one bread maker I had for years did take me awhile to get used to, to figure out which recipe worked best but I just got frustrated with trying with the “new to me” bread maker and shelved it.  So, time to try again.  I followed the recipe to a “t” so we shall see.  My old bread maker called for you to put the yeast into the water and letting it set for five minutes.  This recipe does not want your yeast to touch your wet ingredients at all until the machine does it during mixing.  Hubby keeps going over and looking into it.  I told him he can’t eat a lot of it.  I was out of wheat flour so it’s white bread and he’s diabetic so he has to be careful.  (update:  the bread looked awesome… was rising wonderful and just like the last few times with this same machine…45 min. till it was done it fell… UGH)

So, here is a photo of what my wonderful bread did:


And once out of the pan it looks like this:


Yup!  I made a loaf of bread that looks like a molar!  So, instead of calling this a fail I shall say I did it in honor of National Dental Hygeine Week…… whenever that is.

I have also made four loaves of banana bread.  It is a recipe I found online and saved to my ZIPLIST RECIPE BOX I told you about zip list in a previous post HERE I love the convenience of the recipe zipper/snipper thing a ma bob. Not only does it save a recipe for you but the link to what site you found it on.  So, here is the link to the BEST BANANA BREAD I have ever made.  Seriously, it’s better than the Amish recipe I used to use.  Make sure to read the whole recipe first and follow it exactly.  Not sure why those odd little steps and dirtying a couple extra bowls helps but it does and it is soooo worth it!

It has been kind of overcast here today but now the sun is shining.  My banana bread is making the house smell wonderful and I am trying to figure out just what I want to make for dinner.  Having our son here from out of state and Lew bring home some awesome pork tenderloin that he got at a screaming deal kind of threw my menu plan out the window this week.  But man was that tenderloin divine! Especially the one he grilled…I told him to make sure he watches for those great deals again because now we are spoiled and who wants fatty pulled pork when you can have it from a tenderloin?

So… dinner… the decision has been made… open face hot pork sandwiches with mashed tatter. 

Off to cook and maybe… attempt another loaf of molar bread!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Higher Education….


So, today I decided to call the college and see where I stood.


A little background:  two years ago I started college for the first time.  At age 39.  (I took a wee lil break after high school)   A month after started I found out I was expecting…very unexpectedly.  (since we had been told we wouldn’t be having more children)  I had some complications and was put on bed rest.  Three of my four professors were awesome.  I did most of my work from the internet.  I had to go into my math class only for tests.  The fourth professor though… well, lets just say he really thought a lot of himself.  According to him “there would be no way you would pass my class with out attending my lectures.”  So, I had to drop that class.  Which meant I owed back the money to the school.  Which they wanted in two weeks. (ha ha ha). 

After two weeks they sent me to collections.  The collection people called and asked me for a payment.  I told them I had no problem what so ever paying them $30.00/month because at that time that was all I had to spare.  (actually, I really didn’t have that to spare).  No worry though.  The rude person on the other end refused my $30.00!!  They said they needed 67 and some change, no if's ands or buts.  I said “so, you are refusing my money?”  When they said “we can not accept less than 67”  I said “Ok, well thanks for calling” and hung up.

I let a few months go by of them calling and me not answering.  Finally I answered one day, prepared for the same rude Neanderthal on the other end but it was a very nice lady named Shan.  I explained to her that I had offered payment and they had refused to set it up for the lesser amount.  She had no problem setting up my monthly payment of $30.  So, for many months I have been paying down this debt but still had a hunk left.  I could not reenter college with out getting this paid off.

Skip to yesterday.  I paid it off.   I want to get in school next month.  Time is of the essence.  I asked Shan if the school would be notified immediately.  She said no, notices only go out at the end of the month but to call the school because sometimes they will take a printout from the website.

So, today I called the college.  Explained the situation.  The nice lady on the other end informed me she would make a call and verify it was paid in full and lift the hold on my registering.  Sigh of relief… then she said “but”… “you have to be pre paid for the next two semesters, how do you intend to pay?”  I informed her I already had my financial aid award letter from them and that would cover me both semesters and then some.  She then said something that made me wonder about these institutions of higher learning… “before I can lift your  hold you have to bring your award letter in here for me to see.”

Seriously?  I seriously have to drive 45 minutes to show you a letter YOUR school SENT to ME????  Ok, I had other things I needed to complete there any how so I started gathering paperwork.  A trip two weeks ago gave me a re-entry form and an affidavit of Florida residency, which the gentleman informed me I had to SHOW two of the listed items as proof of residency.  As we recently have moved finding those items with the new address had me in a tizzy today (wow…tizzy is a real word! spell check didn’t red line me…) back to the story at hand…I gathered all my paperwork and out the door I went at 4 p.m.  They close at 6. 

I got to the cash office to show them the letter they sent me.  The girl informed me. “Ok, you have to do this same thing next semester too.  Your hold is lifted until Monday in the system so you have all weekend to register for classes”.  Sigh of relief on my part…. THEN… I went across the hall to turn in my re-entry form and affidavit.

First the guy informed me I needed to fill out more info.  I don’t vote so I can’t give him what he wants there.  I then hand the form back with the proofs the said were required.  You know, the ones I went into a tizzy finding today.  He shoved them back at me and said “I don’t need that.”   Deep breath.   “I was told to bring these you needed them.” 

“No, I don’t”.   ( I’m sure they’ll call next week and ask me to drive those papers out there)

He staples the two papers together and says “Ok, these should be processed in a week for you to register”

Yikes.  Here we go again.  I explained I had the weekend to register until my hold went back on.  “Get in line and see an advisor”

So…. after a 20 minute wait I get to the advisor.  She informs me I indeed have to wait the week.  Then pulls up my records to inform me: “if you had come in four days ago you would not have to take your CPT again but since you did not you have to take the English part again.  Wow!  You scored excellent on it last time.”

So…. then I had to go to the testing center to get an appointment on August 3rd to retake my CPT.  Oh, and since it is more than two years old for financial purposes it is no longer considered a “retake” and I have to pay the regular $10 fee instead of the reduced $5 fee for “retakes”.  

No wonder people say college is hard!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyone needs an Alice… that is…

I have written about Alice before.  I love!  Free shipping.  Sign up bonus and prices generally the same as or cheaper than local stores.  When you figure in the cost of gas to get to your store you end up saving money by shopping from home!

They pack stuff in really sturdy boxes.  If you buy liquids they are packed within sealed zip top bags so no leakage on other products.  They have money savings coupons on their site.  You can set up for product reminders so that once a month you are reminded to re-order your favorite items.  (or however frequently you use them).

Check out Alice.  Cilck the banner above to get a $10 sign up bonus!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Semi-busy day...

Well, I accomplished a few things today but now all I set out to accomplish. 

Apparently Aiden is teething and was just having a ‘Mommy hold me’ kind of day.  Sometimes I start to get frustrated when he is like that…then, I take a deep breath and realize that my other kids are all older and way past that stage. (they are in their late teens/early 20’s) So, I put whatever I was working on off to one side and hold my baby.

So, laundry did not get finished.  I got my small book case moved and the books around.  Got the floor vacuumed and dinner cooked.  Did manage a trip to $ general and dropped Em and work and picked her back up.  So, it wasn’t TOOOO bad.

I almost got our study table cleaned totally off.  I will try to finish that first thing in the a.m. if Aiden is still asleep when I get up.

DSC04082My son showing his “Driver” temper.  Smile

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Since my son was born almost 14 months ago (yikes!).  We have been through many firsts.  Rolling over, walking, first tooth.

This past Friday he had two firsts in one day.  His first Happy Meal @ McDonalds and his first hair cut.



Then it was onto the hair cut.  At first I was a bit upset that they charged $11 to trim up my son’s hair.  But after wards I tipped her pretty good because sitting still was not on his agenda for the day!



As you can see the woman had to have major patience to deal with my very busy son!  Now he looks all grown up.  I did pretty good.  I didn’t cry.  I get points for that right?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Changes in Perspective

Funny how age can change how you look at something.  Change how much fun something is.

Lets jump back 20 years or so…. pulling an all nighter was FUN!  It was something to be proud of.  It was something you did with a group of friends watching movies and it didn’t bother you that you had to be somewhere at 8 am.

Jump to today.  You are up at 4 a.m. (ok, I might be referring to myself here) you have been to bed, tossed and turned, finally gave up and got up.  You have watched the clock tick by. Another hour and a half and the sun will be up.

Twenty years ago:  Yes!  We did it!  We stayed up all night!!!

Now:  O  M   G  how am I going to function today?  Should I try to sleep for a couple hours or will I not wake up till after noon?  I need melatonin.  WHY in the world am I still awake?

See, it’s all in how you look at it.

So, in two hours I’m going to shout Yahoooo! and see if that helps.

If nothing else it will wake my baby up and he’ll be sure to keep me awake.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Isn't She A Doll?

This is my grand daughter Kadence. She was over for a visit a couple weeks ago so of course I had to take some pictures.

She will be visiting again this weekend and I'm sure she will be a happy camper because her daddy, (our son) who works out of state, will be coming home for her first birthday!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Favorite Website

I have been going to blog about this site I found for a few weeks now.  I love it.  The more I use it the more I love it! 

I had originally found ZipList when searching for a way to make grocery lists easier.  That it does.  But there is another feature that I find I use even more frequently that I love.  The recipe box!

I have used and still have recipe boxes on a zillion sites.  You know, you go to food network and save your fav’s there, more on recipe zaar etc.  Then you try to remember where you found what and before you know it you have wasted HOURS trying to find the ONE recipe you were looking for and all you have is a head ache to show for it.

Ziplist is great.  You drag this little icon to your tool bar or add a shortcut to your favorites.  When you are on a site with a recipe you hit it!


So when I am on a site I click the little saved link and a box opens up.  If it recognizes a recipe it loads it in.  Many times I get my recipes from blogs or other sites that ziplist doesn’t recognize.  Still easy.  Ziplist opens blank and I copy and paste.  Then I save to my recipe box.  I can type my own notes etc. if need be.  When I go to my recipe box on ziplist there are all my recipes and links to the original sites!   There is also an option to add to recipe box AND list.  It puts all the ingredients on your list you have in progress so they are already there!!


Here is what my recipe box looks like:


And my grocery list page (which can be sent to your mobile phone….how cool is that??)


Notice where walmart is circled. You can add your own stores then show only the lists for things that are on your list for that store!  You can use it for meal planning and over all organizing your shopping!

Ok, I’ve barely even touched on the greatness of this site so go check it out for yourself.  You’ll love it.  I promise.

Go on it's free!  Find it here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Daughter is Right....Life does Bite

Ok, that isn't the exact words she used but you know what I mean.

After having to withdraw from college b/c of my pregnancy with my son after semester one I want to go back and finish what I started.  Since one professor refused to let me finish his class online I had to pay a balance to the school.  I have been paying a monthly payment to them for over a year.  Since there is still a balance they will not release my transcript to another school or allow me to enroll in their school  EVEN THOUGH I will have a refund of financial aid they can use to pay off the 390 balance that is left.

So stinking frustrating!!!

Sure, I will start a new job this weekend BUT we are so far behind on bills it will be awhile before I can pay off the 390.... guess I'll just have to shoot for January!  Irritating!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Catching up

So, things have been tough financially since my unemployment ran out.  (thanks Congress for vetoing that extension.. appreciate it).  Going to try to get back into college in August.  If not then definitely in January.  Decided to go ahead finish my associates in Health Information Technologies and then go ahead and go for my bachelors.

A bit of good news.  My daughter got a job a couple weeks ago working @ Olen Mills selling photos.  She was working weekends only which is something I need.  I asked her to see if they had any openings here and her boss said yes and should be calling me Monday.  I will work Fri-Sun. so i do not have to worry about daycare for my son (hubby is home those days).  It's per hour if you do not reach your sales goals but if you go over your sales goals it's per sale and it works out much better.

I hope this works out because we are struggling so bad with bills.  We rob peter to pay paul and then vice versa the next week.  My son, who is 19 and lives at home helps with bills also so that is a blessing.

Had a doc appointment today to follow up on my depression meds.  When I was pregnant and nursing Aiden I was on the smallest dose available.  Didn't really help much but kept me from having panic attacks.  So, now that my son is weaned I am trying to get my depression under control.

She added a new med and I also have to take cholesterol meds.   Hopefully once I get my weight back down I will be able to go off them again.  It's back to ground turkey for everything.  Not really sure why I got away from ground turkey for everything.  Kids like it better in most stuff than ground beef.

Hard to believe my son is 13 months now!  I have a post in my drafts folder about him turning one... I need to finish it and post it... with photos of course.  That will be my goal for the next few days.

Well, going to study for Sunday's meeting and take my meds.  Sorry I have been lax in my posting.  Hopefully things will be back on track soon.

Gone Far Too Long

Why did I ever get away from my blog? Oh yeah... life. My "baby" will be 9 next week.  My husband has faced kidney failure and...