Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Steps!

So, for the last couple of weeks Aiden has been walking along the furniture, but won't let go.  The last few days hubby and I have been working with him but he will just lean and throw himself forward.  Well, look @ what he can do now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Search Story....

So, I was blog surfing tonight. Well, not sure if you would call it surfing, I was checking in on the normal blogs I love to read when I found a neat post by Marcy over @ The Glamorous Life. This is where I learned that you can make your story by Googling yourself and making it into a video. So, here is my boring

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Got a couple minutes?? Make a breakfast sandwich – from scratch (under 3 min to make)

---- over the next couple of weeks I am going to repost some previous blogs that were on my Lifedomestic site which I have shut down.  I will repost many of my more popular posts so my readers will still have access to them.  Enjoy.  And please remember to comment @ the bottom of the post. 

My husband is not a breakfast eater when he first gets out of bed.  Getting him out of bed sometimes requires a crow bar or cattle prod.  He will lay in bed until the very last second possible, jump up, throw on some clothes, grab his lunch pail and out the door he goes. 
We’ve all heard how important breakfast is.  My husband is diabetic and he works outside in a highly labor intensive job so having breakfast is doubly important for him.  I am not a morning person myself but I would get up and make a big breakfast when we first found out he was diabetic only to have him bite two things and run out the door leaving the rest on the plate.  I had to get inventive. So I did. Over the last couple years I find myself getting more and more inventive.
First pop in the toaster, if need be, what you are going to use for the outside of your sandwich.  I have used toast, leftover pancakes, waffles, biscuits (I don’t toast these), bagels, croissants, French toast that is leftover from a previous meal.  Pancakes and French toast can easily be toasted to warm them through or you can microwave them.  The choice is yours. 
DSC09249 DSC09227

I use a Corelle cereal bowl.  It’s my preference for the size but I’m sure any glass microwavable bowl will do. (just remember your egg will be as big as the bow you put it in)  Spray the bowl with non-stick cooking spray or lightly butter/margarine the inside of the bowl (I use a cold stick of butter and just give it a few whirls around the bowl)  If you skip the spray/oil step you WILL regret it later.
Put an egg in and whip it up with a fork.  Make sure to whip it well, if you do not have the yolk whipped well it can pop and make a nice, big mess of your microwave. (learned the hard way)
DSC09228  DSC09229
Now, plop  gently lay your meat choice right in the middle of the eggs.  Hubby’s favorite is the sausage patties from Wally World.  They come precooked and frozen.  No need to thaw just put right in the bowl with the eggs.
Put bowl into microwave and zap it for one minute.  Remove and add a slice of your favorite cheese (of course if making for hubby use his favorite). Now, zap it for about 10 seconds more.
Use a fork to lift the egg up and make sure the egg is completely cooked through, if not zap it another 10 seconds.
Microwaves do vary.  I know that in order to cook the egg, sausage and cheese mine will take exactly one minute and 20 seconds.
Then put onto your choice of bread.  It took me WAY longer to compose this post than it did to make two breakfast sandwiches.  I made a ham, egg and cheese biscuit for my daughter.
Of course, she had to say “Geeze, Mom, you can make me breakfast when you want to blog about it!”  See if I do it again Ms. Sassy Thang!
Here are a list of different things you can combine.  Feel free to add onions, green peppers, mushrooms or any other thing your little heart desires into your eggs to make it your own.  I literally can make one of these in LESS than three minutes.  I put hubby’s in tin foil to keep it warm and he heads out the door with it.  This saves him from stopping at some fast food joint and spending money on breakfast OR even worse skipping it all together.
Meat Choices
Bread Choices
Deli Ham Toast (any kind wheat, white etc)
Left over Ham Bagels
Sausage English Muffins
Smoked Sausage sliced Biscuits
Cooked Bacon Croissants
Leftover Hamburger Patty Pancakes
Canadian Bacon Waffles
Turkey Bacon (pre-cooked) French Toast (use leftovers)

Some things not to worry about:  when cooking your egg in the microwave it WILL swell up.  As soon as the microwave stops it’ll deflate.  Perfectly normal.
I have made these in a small fry pan on the stove top.  It does take a couple minutes longer but it is worth it.  It is a ton cheaper than going to a fast food place or buying pre-made breakfast sandwiches from the frozen food section.
If you have a great combo for your breakfast sandwich please share it with us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Movie Night is BACK!

Did you know that NBC is bringing back family movie night?   I hope this is going to be a regular thing!  It's hard these days to find entertainment that is suitable for the WHOLE family.  I remember as a kid we looked forward to The Wonderful World Of Disney movies.  My mom would always make some kind of a snack for us and we would all set around the tv and enjoy a movie together.

Check out the preview

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Enter clever Title here.....

Sorry, too late to come up with a good title.

My lil man was up half of last night vomiting.  He is much better now but his momma is TIRED.  This is why I had all my 'other' kids @ a young age.  LOL   I can not imagine having more than one to take care of right now.

So, since my sleep was all messed up and he was one cranky boy my eating habits today were awful.  I had two cups of decaf with creamer and spenda, a glass of milk and that was it till dinner.  I made stuffed pork chops and green beans.  I did well and did not over eat but I know not eating breakfast or lunch is not a good thing.

Praying tomorrow will be better.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day One…. Again.

DISCLAIMER:  I am about to be brutally honest!  It is going to hurt.  You're safe... it's me that is going to be in pain.  Just sayin'...

As with many of us I am starting over... again.  My weight loss journey began many moons ago.  After my second child was born (who is now 19) I swore I would loose weight.  I worked out and worked out, I changed eating habits, I walked at least two miles a day, on good days I did four and NOTHING happened.  So... I did what many of us humans do best.  I   GAVE   UP.

So, fast forward about 17 years.... I decide as I am approaching 40... rather rapidly, that it's time to do it.  It's time to LOOSE.   So... I signed up for weight watchers.  You know what.  I did it.  I lost weight.  Right @ 30 pounds.  I was shocked.  I was amazed. 

I wound up pregnant!  LOL   So... loosing weight helps your libido... yes... that had something to do with it but loosing weight can also trigger ovulation if you have PCOS  (poly cystic ovarian syndrome).  I did not know this.  (I seriously think it should be in the weight watchers brochure...for real!)  I had been told that for hubby and I to have a child of “our own” (he has two I have three) we would need to see expensive infertility docs and endure treatments etc.  We decided it wasn’t for us years ago and just went on with life.  (God does have a sense of humor)

So, not only had I started weight watchers but after being laid off from my job at a bank I had decided to go to college.  Go figure... I go to college and get knocked up!

Since I was a "mother of advance age" (like that title didn't make me feel a bit over the hill)  I did have a few complications with my pregnancy.  I finished my first semester at college and did not re-enroll for another one. (yet)

My son was born last year on May 22, 2009 @ a whopping 10 lbs 3 oz. 

Hang on here comes the pain:

When I got pregnant and went to my last weight watchers meeting I weighed 203 lbs.   The day I gave birth I was 208.  At my six week check up I was 187. (hadn’t seen that number in YEARS)

I am now 216.

Does that piss me off?  Hell ya!  What in the hell was I thinking???  I began weight watchers at 228 so to be at 187 was 41 pounds lost!!  41!!!! That is a HUGE number.  And now... I have gained 29 pounds!!!  29!!!  How utterly lame of me to get into the snacking all the time mode... on whatever tasted good.

Sure, I had a great excuse... while I was pregnant I had absolutely NO appetite.  None.  Zilch.  I had to FORCE myself to eat.  After I had Aiden my appetite returned with a vengeance. -- I had to eat MORE calories because I was breastfeeding. -- Etc...  Now, it's time to pay the piper. (whoever he is)

I decided to start again AFTER I had eaten two English muffins for breakfast, slathered with (sigh) REAL butter, and drank the equivalent of six cups of coffee in my HUGE mug.  At least I used splenda right?  So, I was brutally honest and put them in my food journal.  As I sat down to write this I measured out what 8 ounces of water was (God forbid I drink MORE than the daily requirement)  I figured out that my favorite blue cup holds three 8 ounce servings of water AND one green coffee mug of ice. 2 1/2 of those a day and I have met my goal for water drinking!!

Ok, so I digressed from my story a wee bit.

My son is 10 months now...  he is getting more active.  As I packed on the pounds again I began to feel rather like a slug again, or a sloth... you know, the real slow moving animal that looks like he is in slow motion ALL the time.  (Can you imagine if they actually put him in slow motion?  It would take 10 minutes to see one movement)

If I am having issues keeping up now how am I ever going to keep up once the walking and running begins?? 

So, back on the diet and exercise road I head.  Actually, I am just going to do like I did with weight watchers.  A lifestyle change.  Fish for dinner.  (which I adore) More chicken.  Turkey... less JUNK.  So, overall this will be a good change for my health, my weight AND my bank account.

So, set back and hang on …. it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

My motivation:


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