Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Week That was a year long....or so it seemed

Ugh!  What a week!!!  I figured it would be a pretty normal week.  We had our groceries all bought, menu planned out.  


Tuesday my 1 year old grandson was admitted to ICU with pneumonia.  Hubby and I went up. We had to be back in order to take my son to the college for his senior presentations.  These started at 6 pm.  We did not get out of there until 9:30!  We ended up eating at IHOP.  Got home near 11 pm.

Wednesday, I dropped son off at college and went to hospital to be with daughter and grandson for a few hours then had to leave there to pick my son up from college and get home so he could change so I could take him to work.

Grandson was released from hospital late Wed. afternoon with meds to take and a follow up appt. for Thursday at 4.

Thursday I dropped son off at his car pool site then came home and went to bed.  At this point I needed some rest.  I got up about 11 and showered so I could leave the house at 11 to go pick him  up.  I had to get him early as I had a doc appt. scheduled at 4 pm with my doc in Eustis.   Within minutes of getting in the van to drive over contractions began.  By the time I was almost home I had had contractions every five min for two hours.  I called hubby to come home and drive me to doc as I was unsure what was going on.

They put me on a monitor and saw four contractions in 15 minutes.  Doc checked me and found no dialation so she scheduled an ultrasound for Friday.  On the way to the doc our daughter (oldest) called and she was on her way to the hospital b/c she woke up with a leg swelled and couldn't walk on it.  After getting home we find out they are admitting her and are sure she has a blood clot in her leg. She is 24 weeks pregnant so that adds to the issues.

Doc wanted a blood test done and ultrasound on Friday but by the time all the stuff was done at her office the places were closed but she assured me they would call me to schedule.  I got up at 8:30 am Friday and began calling them.  They couldn't find the order the doc had faxed.  Finally 45 min later I had an appt. scheduled for noon.  We also had to take the elderly lady's dog to the vet at 10!!!  UGH... so we made it to the ultrasound after having a flat tire on our van and having to take our friends car.  By the time I got out of the ultrasound it was way after one and hubby nor I had eaten at all.  We decided to do the blood test on Monday and go eat lunch before heading home to fix the tire on the van and head up to the hospital to see how our daughter was doing. 

At the ultrasound we found out our SON is doing great he is definitely a he!  We also found out he is over 3 pounds and is measuring two weeks earlier.  So, he with either come in early May or be a large baby like my other son was. 

We got home and tried fix a flat.  That seemed to do the trick.  Hubby went to return our friends car and pick her up a few items at the store.  It took him an hour and  half but I did take a nap.  We then headed to the hospital.  Our daughter was in quite a bit of pain and aggravated that she had to be there and not home taking care of her other kids.

We got home Friday night around 11.  I said to hubby "let's just stay home tomorrow.  I am beat."  He said "well, we need produce at the flea market but I guess it can wait."  Our daughter's hubby was supposed to visit Saturday with her kids so we planned on going back up on Sunday.

So..... we stayed home Saturday morning.  Headed to the flea mkt. for veggies.  At this point my doc has told me to take it easy so we took a wheel chair to minimize my walking.  We ended up hitting the flea market, a resale shop hoping to find pants for me, the maternity store, the shoe store and walmart.  While at Wal Mart daughter called all upset because hubby didn't come with kids.  We decided to go to movies we had planned on the day before.  While at movies she texted saying she was having more issues.  We got home about 10 and talked to her on the phone to get her a bit calmer.

Today we got up and ate breakfast and headed back up to the hospital (it's an hours drive) for a few hours and came back to drop son off at work! 

I am so sick of running but tomorrow I have to take son to college then go an hour away to get my blood test done.  It is an hour glucose test so it will be close to noon before I make it home.  IF I can I am going to nap!!!!

I feel like the last week has lasted forever. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Post. grandson in hospital

My almost 15 month old grandson Colby is in Pediatric ICU at Shands Hosptial. His mom took him to the doc Monday due to strange cough and breathing issues. The doc said since he had the flu three weeks ago it's just lagging. She told him NO you check his lungs again I am telling you he has pneumonia. He listened again and said yes he did it was mild. Gave him a breathing treatment, a prescription for treatments to do at home and an prescription for anitbiotics. last night (ok early this a.m.) my phone rang and she was in a panic about his breathing. I told her to give him the treatment and see if it helped it didn't. They rushed him to the ER. His pulse ox which is supposed to be 100 was 40!!! They had to do 4 treatments to get his airways open enough to get oxygen in, they admitted him and he had severe pnemonia not a MILD case as the doc had said. Sad to say the original doc never ordered an x ray. He is miserable. He has had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 so my daughter is the same way. My son turned 18 today and had his senior presentations also. These are graded as a final and can not be missed. SO... needless to say my day was a mess of running from one place to another. The college is 45 in from here where my daughter lives and he is in the hospital is just at an hour in another direction. We left at 8 a.m. and I am home at 10:30. My daughter wanted me with her the whole time with her as she is used to mom being there but mom can not be everywhere at once no matter which cape I choose to wear! I tears me up when this kind of thing happens. It is a bit easier that at night they only allow one person to stay so I couldn't have stayed the night anyways. Well, since my sleep last night was interrupted by MANY calls and my day was a blur of being here there and everywhere I am headed to bed. I will update tomorrow hopefully. Tonight grandson was doing a bit better, they are no longer having to give breathing treatments every hour and he is off IV fluids. He is still having a struggle to breathe and they wonder if he is starting to be asthmatic as his mother is.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Perfect Weather, Even for Monday

I got to sleep in this morning because high school classes were not in session due to President's Day.

It was nice to sleep in even if it only was till 8 a.m.  I got up and ate and then crawled back in bed to surf the net on my laptop and watch tv in comfort.  I am waiting now for my son to finish up his laundry so I can wash my bedding.  After being sick with a cold the last few days I want to get it all nice and fresh again.  I wish I had a clothes line up so that I could hang them out to dry in this beautiful weather.  It's only about 70 out with a slight breeze.  It is so nice.  I have the windows open and the back slider that leads to the screen porch. 

If I could find some place that the weather was like this year round I swear I would move there.  :)

Yesterday I finished all our laundry other than our bedding.  I set up the hamper and diaper pail we picked up at a great little resale shop we found on Friday.  I will definitely be visiting there again. It is awesome and the prices are great.  The hamper is a wicker type hamper with a removable plastic liner that you can carry to the laundry room.  It is in like new condition and was only $7!  The diaper paid was only $5.  I was also able to get three maternity tops for $3 bucks each.  The other shop we had been going to was very expensive.  The clothes I bought there I only got when they were half price because she was charging like 10 bucks per shirt and I even saw some for $15.

Yesterday was the beginning of week number 27 of my pregnancy.  Baby was very active and busy yesterday when I would set down. 

I remember from my earlier pregnancies towards the end having the "nesting" instinct and cleaning everything.  I seem to have started very early.  It seems every week there is a new idea that pops in my head and I go to organizing or cleaning something.  I think hubby is enjoying this phase. 

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Preparing for a New Arrival

I just want to address some things that have come up in my life i the past few months. 

Upon learning that we were expecting a baby and then shortly thereafter having a few complications hubby and I discussed what this new arrival in our life would mean.

I have been laid off since last March.  I had put in many applications and have several interviews to no avail and in August switched to looking for part time work and going to college full time.  In Sept. when we found out we will have a new arrival coming in May we knew our lives would change.

My unemployment would be running out reducing our income.  I would more than likely skip at least one semester of college and if I do go back to work later on it will be something that will be opposite shifts as hubby so as to keep our child from being put into daycare.

The first thing we decided to tackle was all the "stuff" we would need for baby.  We had some money saved from left over financial aid so when we could find a good deal on something for baby we jumped on it.  With in a month we had gotten a beautiful crib with the mattress that was very gently used for only $125.00.  We did splurge and get the matching changing/table and dresser new but it will be a much used piece of furniture for many years to come. 

When we found out we were having a boy my daughter volunteered to loan us all of our grandson's clothes (he is 14 months old now).  So, we picked those up along with a swing, baby seat, diaper bag, and bumbo seat.  I then found a travel system on craigs list like new condition for $60.00 less than we would have paid brand new.  A friend of ours gave us some money to help pay for this, she also paid for a high chair which I got a great deal on at Big Lots.

Now, you may think, "wow, she's doing great! what's the issue."

Many people have complained that I have gone over board and there is nothing left to be purchased for a shower.  Well there is a ton we still need.  We can always use diapers etc. but I want to explain my reasoning on getting prepared early.

Today's economy is hard on everyone.  We know that once my unemployment runs out things are going to be VERY tight around here.  I didn't want to have a shower a month before I am due, not get a ton of stuff I need and have no money to purchase said stuff.  So, we agreed to buy what we could when we could.  I have visited resale shops and got great deal on blankets, a hamper, diaper pail and maternity clothes.  I know now that even if I don't have a shower we will not have to 'break the bank' to pick up the other necessities we will need when our little one arrives. (unless, of course, he's a she... then there will be some pink shopping to be done.)

I think it very wise for anyone in this day and age to think ahead when they have a baby coming.  Differentiate between your wants and your needs.  If there are things you want but can live without, take that money and use it for baby stuff.

This past week we got a tax refund.  Not much but helpful.  We have caught up on many bills, I have to pay for my son's senior stuff, everyone got new socks and undies that were badly needed and hubby got much needed jeans for work and boots.  The rest, if any is left, will go to bills and maybe a few more items to have on hand for baby. 

You can never be too prepared for a new arrival.  Showers and gifts from friends are great and wonderful blessings but I don't want any of my family or friends to feel obligated to have to help us out.  Small gifts such as a bottle of lotion, a bag of diapers, a box of wipes are just as appreciated as the big ones are.  Everything will be used and it will be one less thing we have to worry about purchasing later on when we are broke.

Today's economy makes it difficult to raise a family.  We were very surprised by our blessing of a sixth child for us.  (he has two I have three this is "our" first ... and also our sixth)  I was told six years ago that with out invetro or some such intervention a child for us was pretty much out of the picture.  This child is coming to us at a difficult financial time in everyone's lives but he will be loved beyond measure.  He will be cared for and fed.  We will teach him about Jehovah God and to appreciate everything. 

To one friend who repeatedly told me I have everything I need for the baby... I sent her a list of all the stuff we are still in need of.  :)  I also registered at Target and Walmart so that others can see what we need.  If I do find a great deal on something (like the fisher price glider we got a month or so ago that was 79 bucks marked down to 18.) I log on to the sites and take them off my lists. 

Preparing ahead must be part of my having been a girl scout.  It's wise in this day and age to think that things will not just be handed to you and to do all we can to be ready for the new arrival.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Check out my son's artwork

My son is in his last year of high school but is also taking college classes.  This is his first art piece in college.  Opinions anyone?

I finally got it.

Unfortunately it's not something I wanted.  After two weeks of the kids being sick I finally caught it.  I have the head cold and sore throat.

Yesterday I took the elderly lady we help care for to her dentist appointment.  She is 81 and is really getting to the point where she is losing it.  She wanted to go to dinner afterwards at Red Lobster so we went.   When the waitress placed her salad in front of he she snapped at her "can't you cut it up for me?".  I told the waitress to go ahead and leave and I would take care of cutting her food.  Makes me wonder who cuts it for her at home!  Today she called to tell me the dentist owes her 700 bucks because she never did anything to her tooth.  I explained to her that she did a root canal a few months ago and this was just a follow up and the money she paid her a few months ago was for the root canal. 

Today I went and helped another friend get her internet email set up.  She changed providers and the new one just left her hanging.  Her and her hubby have only been "online" about a year and are still quite a bit clueless when it comes to certain things.  I got that all set up for her.  After I finished that I had to come back and pick up Lew and take him into work.  He will work until 10 tonight.

Tomorrow Emily goes on a field trip to MOSI (Museum of  Science and Industry) in Tampa.  this is what she will be seeing

I made a quick easy dinner tonight of sausage gravy and biscuits.  We like to have breakfast for dinner once in awhile.  Usually it's pancakes though but tonight biscuits and gravy just hit the spot.

The baby has been very active today.  I drove Lew to his drop off point this a.m. about forty minutes there and back and the whole time he was kicking and rolling.  He is awake now nudging me.  Letting me know he is in there growing like a week.  I just seem to be growing bigger over night.  This Sunday I will be in my third trimester.  That is so hard to believe. 

Finances are about to get very tight and tough and with a new baby it will make it even worse but we will get by.  I might have to cut the cable down to next to nothing, cut back the speed on the net, and we will definitely be cutting our dining out and groceries down to next to nothing.  We will plug away somehow.  We always do.


My friend is planning a baby shower and I look forward to it and to see what nice gifts we get.  She said I have bought too much and left nothing for others.  We knew that my unemployment would be running out so we got what we could when we could.  There is still plenty I will need.  I told her today even if everyone buys me only diapers it will be a blessing and a help! 

Well, I am going to go make something to hopefully soothe my throat.  I just can not decide if I want something hot or cold.  Maybe I'll freeze it first then chase it with a hot chocolate.  :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


It's actually warmer here today.  The windows are open and fan going.  I have the movie "the secret life of bees" in.  It is a very good movie.  Thanks to a quick trip to the flea market yesterday I have some orange blossom candles burning.  They smell so great.  Like being in the orange grove in the spring.  A lady at Market of Marion makes them.  I have tried other orange scented oils and candles and all they ever smell like is when you cut an orange to eat it.  These candles smell like the real deal.


We are all fighting colds.  Thankfully mine hasn't gotten as bad as Lew or hubby's.  Just sniffles for me so far.  I hope it doesn't get any worse.

Hubby and I put a small shelf above the stove for my spices.  The cupboard above the stove is to stinkin' tall for a short woman like me.  Add to that my growing belly and I couldn't reach much.  Thursday and Friday I worked on getting two of the kitchen drawers organized.  I threw out knives and things that should have been thrown out eons ago.   I bought some new dividers to organize them better.   I put only the newer set of silver ware in the front for every day use.  One drawer will be used for Aiden supplies.  Bottle tops, nipples, spoons etc. 

I finished three loads of laundry today.  One of which was the swing covers.  I will do our bedding tomorrow. 

I love days like today.  Warm and breezy but not too hot.  No humidity. 

Friday a.m.  I shut down my computer and Friday night it wouldn't come back on.  I have to deal with trying to figure that out tomorrow.   Thankfully I still have my laptop.  It is temperamental but eventually it'll run and get me online. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Yikes is it ever chilly this morning.  It's supposed to be worse tomorrow.  NPR radio local station said 17 degrees in the morning with a wind chill of 8 degrees!  That is just not something you hear much of in Florida, single digits! 

It didn't seem too bad when I first came out at 6:30 this a.m. to start the van to warm up but by 8 a.m. the wind had picked up and it is down right bone chilling, even to a a pregnant woman with extra layers.  :)


I am, once again, setting in the van waiting on Lew.  He has only two classes this a.m. and by the time I got home would only have to turn back around and go get him again.  I have, however, been able to get wi-fi signal so I am not too bored.  On days I can't get it or that it takes awhile to connect I have my Bible and some other reading with me to do.


Yesterday after dropping him off I went home because I had to complete all the paperwork for social security!  That took almost five hours.  I had to dig out and make copies of bills and pay stubs for the last two months!  What a pain but hopefully it will pay off.  One thing it did make me realize is that hubby and I need to set down and make a budget and he needs to learn to stick to it.  Things are going to be WAY tight with the 300+ a month cut in social security for the kids AND my loss of unemployment.  In June things will go from tight to holy crud when Lew graduates high school and no longer gets social security payments. 

It bites that all this  happened.  With child support we would get it until he graduates college and that would help us be able to help him with gas money etc.  I don't know what will become of the back money my x owes me from the nine months he didn't pay a single penny before he got disability set up.  I'll probably never see it I'm sure. 


This week we are using $115 dollars and getting the stroller/car seat travel system.  We are buying it used.  A girl offered it on craigs list and it has only been used for 3 months.  The same set up at wally world is on sale for 169.99.  This will be a great thing to have as when Aiden is just over a month old we will have our district  convention in Gainesville, FL.  My kids, as most of you know, are all older.  25, 21, 21, 17 and 16.  I have never been to a convention with an infant so any of my sisters or brothers out there that would like to share tips and tricks for getting through with an infant... :)  it would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays... worked for me

It was a cool rainy day today.  I laid back down after dropping Lew at the college.  I was planning on only laying back down for an hour but I didn't wake up until 11:45!  I still accomplished quite a bit today though. 

I am now on my fourth load of laundry.  I only have to strip the crib and wash that bedding.  My grandson slept in it this weekend and had a cold so I'll get it all ready for next time he is here.  :)

I have most of the paperwork together to mail to Social Secuirty tomorrow.  I just have to make copies of it all.  That will take a bit but thankfully I just got a new ink cartridge so I am set.

I also made a big pot of home made chicken noodle soup today.  It was so good!  It was a perfect day for soup.

Hubby got rained out and was home about 1:30.  He took a nap for awhile and got up about 4.  We ran and picked Em up from the bus and went to the hardware store.  My daughter gave me an organizer thing that hangs over the crib rail or on a wall that holds diapers, wipes and lotions.  I love it but the way my crib is I couldn't hang it on there.  We went and picked up four screws and some washers and secured it to the wall at the end of the changing table.  It will work out perfect there.  It had two little hooks to secure it with but I fixed that! We screwed it directly to the wall with four screws so I won't have to worry about it falling.

Baby changing area 001

Last week a girl from Kingdom Hall gave me four bags of newborn diapers so it's all loaded and ready to go. 

Baby changing area 003


The door next to the changing table leads to the master bath.  I have put on it a shoe bag.  You know, the ones with all the clear pockets.  It is for all the odds and ends for baby.  Socks, powder, meds, etc.

Baby changing area 005

Baby changing area 007

The labels are for others in the family... and probably for me too since lack of sleep will probably lead to major memory loss.

Baby changing area 012

So, for now, I feel all proud of myself and organized.  Ask me in four months if I am organized.  Na, don't, I won't want to answer it.


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