Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Been away for a bit.  Blogged a little at xanga but have been so ill haven't really blogged about much other than being ill.

My wonderful, adorable grandson gave his Nana his cold.  For him it was great, he was over it in not time since he gave it to me.  For me... it has been eight days of HELL.

This is not a normal cold.  It was a total head cold of which I have never had the like.

I went through not one, not two but THREE boxes of kleenex in the first two days.  I could not breathe.  None of the meds doc said was safe for this pregnant grandma worked so since I had breathing issues I had sleeping issues.  

It has not been a nice week...  I am a bit clearer today.  I am hoping to get some things done around the house.  I have some closet cleaning I need to accomplish and then get some more things arranged for baby.

I know, I have until May till the little buggar arrives BUT that time will fly I am sure and I don't want to be caught unprepared.

The girl that is going to have a shower for me is having it two weeks before my due date. This makes things a bit difficult in my opinion.  I do not want to over buy b/c I'm sure I will get great gifts at the shower BUT I also do not want to be running (read waddling) store to store the last two weeks to pick up things I need.  

Friday, December 26, 2008

Teaching Children to Share....

Teaching a child to share is a good thing.  For the most part.

My one year old grandson recently showed he knows how to share already by giving me and everyone else in my household his cold.

I sat him on my lap the first morning after I had been up most of the night sneezing and unable to breathe.  Here is what I told him as he looked at his Nana so seriously.

"so, lets talk about sharing ok?  You can share if you ever hit the lottery.  You can share if you get a big inheritance, you can share toys, you can share chocolate candy if you have some but don't EVER, EVER, EVER share a nasty virus with me again.  K?"

He looked at me ever so seriously like he understood what I was saying then wiggled down to go play with his toys.  I don't think he gets it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I NEVER thought I would say... until I became a MOM

Years ago, when the children were little, (16,17 and 20 now) I did in home daycare to supplement my husbands income so I could be with my children. One of the children I watched belonged to my husbands cousin who was and English teacher at the local school. She is a soft spoken person. We would often joke about "well I NEVER thought I would have had to say this but..."

One morning she was extremely late. She lived about 45 minutes from the school but was rarely late dropping Kyra off. She came to the door shaking her head. At this point Kyra was just over a year old. She said I had one of those mornings and we can add a new saying our list... when asked what she just had to say that she never thought she would... "KYRA! NO!!! Do NOT dump that oatmeal on your head."

I had one of those moments last night. Not with a grandchild but with my 17 year old son. My oldest daughter brought us another dog a couple weeks ago. He has turned out to be an awesome house pet and although she was supposed to take him back I do not think she is going to and do not see myself having the heart to send him to the shelter. My son likes HIS dog and not the others in the house. Last night he was trying to get this little dog (still unnamed) wound up and was leaning over him growling. Before I thought about it I yelled "lewis! Quit growling at the dog!" After the words came out of my mouth I mumbled "another thing I would never have imagined saying before I had children"... and walked into my bedroom with my head shaking.

When my grandchildren were here my 4 year old grandson was being quite obstinate about what I had made him for lunch. He crossed his arms and scowled and said "I am not eating this I want something else". I'm Nana. I always win. I don't cave. I explained to the little man that was his lunch take it or leave it. As I turned to walk back to the kitchen he was whining and trying to win me over. His six your old sister leaned over and said "AJ. NANA and Grandma DON't Play." Guess the grandmas on both sides have a reputation! I had to laugh at her. She was so on the money and it showed very much how she plays her parents but knows she can't get away with it with me.

I look forward to the things the new baby will say and do. Since I blog now I will be able to get them all down so my feeble memory won't have to work too much to try and recall the things said or done. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleepless Night

I napped yesterday.  For five hours.  I was still tired.  Guess it's a combo of old age and pregnancy.  I finally took the dog out and crawled into bed at midnight.  I was so tired, yawning and just wanting to curl up and drift into dream land.  

Dreamland was closed for repairs.  Probably due to overuse during daytime hours.  I looked at the clock at 1:17, 1:38, 2:30, 3, 4:30, 5.  The alarm went off at 5.  I groaned.  I had been so hot all night long.  It was cool here in FL and I had the window just by my head open all the covers thrown off except the sheet and I had burned up all night long.  (oh and the fan was blowing on me on high).  

I want to crawl in bed now and see if sleep will come but I have to drive 40 minutes to the doctor.  Maybe I will get an hour or two this afternoon before I have to go to class at five.  I am afraid that I will get to class and not be able to drive home from being so sleepy!  UGH.

Tonight I will drink hot cocoa before bed.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My thoughts on black friday

My daughter ventured out to the stores with her boyfriends mom at 4 a.m. yesterday a.m. I didn't give it much thought until my phone rang at 6 a.m.! She says (like it's the MIDDLE OF THE DAY) "would you rather have a gown with a hat and botties for the baby or one with a hat and mittens?" 

My reply. "Kaitie you crackhead (no she's not but i'm thinking only a crackhead would call their mom at six a.m. with a question like that) do you know it's six a.m.??????"

"Well, duh, mom but I'm shopping and I need to know which you would rather have for the baby."

I don't get up and go to the stores for a very good reason. I would have to hurt someone. Literally. My daughter said her first experience was waiting in line to get in the first store and there was a girl there with a very young baby. Her boyfriends mom mentioned how today was Colby's birthday and he was one. The girl looked at my daughter and said "it's his birthday well where is he?"

My daughter... being VERY outspoken said "he is home in bed sleeping where all children should be at four a.m. instead of out in the cold!" She said many of these mom's didn't even have their kids bundled up! 

I am thankful for the peace that comes from knowing the truth in the Bible. From knowing that Jesus was NOT born in December and that Christmas is based on bunch of different pagan festivals rolled into one and celebrating this would by no means make God happy. From the history channel info on it's origins

Not celebrating at first when I learned the Bible truth was very hard. I used to be ms Christmas. My lights and tree were up the day after Thanksgiving and there were tons of traditions I followed. But now, it's a day off with family. Generally we will still have a big meal because we are all home. I buy my kids gifts through out the year which is great because they are always surprised and never know when they will get something special. We do not have the stress at the end of the year of where is the money going to come from to buy for so and so? 

If you would like more info directly from your Biblego here OR here

it is truly amazing what you learn from your very own copy of the Bible. 

My daughter did get some good deals yesterday but to me it isn't worth the risk you take going out at that time of morning with that many crazed people. To think that people lost their lives yesterday because of a holiday they feel obligated to celebrate is sad. 

Having a happy family is the most important thing. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homemade laundry soap

I made my homemade laundry soap and let it set for the 24 hour waiting period. It is goopy. It doesn't smell bad at all. I did not add any oils to it for smell.

Here is what it looks like:



Here is hubby's shirt BEFORE:


up close on the stain with is more than likely some type of oil from his chain saws he uses. Generally unless I way pretreat with zout AND borax nothing will come out.


I did NOT use any pretreat at all. 

Here is the results. I was VERY surprised!



There is only a very light stain left. This is awesome for a shirt he wore to work. It is very difficult to get these oils out of his shirts. I am sure if I had pretreated the whole thing would have come out but this was my test... 

Cost breakdown to make the soap. .51 cents for 2 gallons! about a tenth of a penny per load! Big difference from Tide which is usually around .33 cents a load or more.

I got the recipe from the above site.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Deal of the Day

Going to CVS. They have 8 pack of VIVA paper towels on sale.
Orignally: 10.99
With card: 7.49
I will get: 2.00 in extra bucks rewards
I have 5.50 in rewards to use PLUS I have a .50 cent coupon.

So today I will pay: 1.49

I will get 2.00 in reward bucks in my account so... they will PAY me .51 cents to get eight rolls of paper towels.

I love it when a plan comes together... :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I need this like I need another hole in my head....

So... last week... my daughter calls. She was getting a dog and was so happy. Her boyfriends sister had seen someone dump it in a parking lot a couple weeks before. She picked it up and took it to a shelter. Then she thought about the dog for two weeks and went back and got him. She had him fixed and by then he had picked up Kennel cough. She took him home. Her hubby said NO ABSOLUTELY NOT! So... she called and got Kait to take him.

Well... Kait came to visit this weekend and brought the dog who she was calling Barnabee... she was sick of him already with his coughing. He has not had an accident in the house at all. He stays in a crate quiet when we are not around. He is starting to eat and drink a bit better. kait went home and he stayed.

I need another dog like I need another hole in my head. We have an outside "yard" dog and three other inside dogs. Our house is tiny and I have a baby on the way!!!! UGH. BUT... he has been sleeping on my lap for two hours now. 

When I got Rufus (a doodle -- dauchaund/poodle mix) I wanted a lap dog. The only lap he wants to be on is my husbands! 

This dog is either a miniature or toy poodle. I haven't measured him yet to see where he falls. I do know that the name Barabee does NOT fit this dog at all! I am thinking Oliver (Ollie) or Max or Toby. 

That isn't the greatest pic... makes him look huge but he is a tiny thing.

Friday and Saturday

Yesterday hubby and I did our "Friday" routine of hitting some garage sales and getting groceries.  We usually will either have breakfast or lunch out.  It's a nice day together.

Yesterday's garage sale finds were great.  Hubby got a smoker for $10.  I got another bread machine for $3.  This bread machine did not look like it had EVER been used.  Right now both bread machines are in the kitchen kneading bread.  Also picked up a like new umbrella stroller for $2.  That will be kept here for when the smaller grandchildren are here and we want to go somewhere.   I would have loved to went to the flea market yesterday and taken daughter and grandson but she hadn't brought a stroller.  

The grandson has been sleeping in the crib we have set up for our new baby in our room.  About 4:45 this a.m. I heard him fuss a bit.  He settled back down.  About 10 min later he fussed a bit more... he will do this in early a.m.   once he settles back down I go adjust his covers and he sleeps till about 8.  This a.m. he wanted up.  When I didn't respond to his little fusses he said "NA NA    NANA".  K, he got me.  I picked him up and put him in bed with me.  He was wanting to play.  I talked to him and rubbed his back till about 6.  Then I took him to his mom so she could get up with him and cater to his needs.  I can do that with this one... I am the grandmom!  

The girls and I are going to see Twilight this afternoon.  I really do not want to go as I believe they will ruin the book.  They never can do a movie half way as good as a book.  But the girls are all into going so I am going to take them.  I think we will go on Christmas day and see "The Curious Tale of Benjiman Buttons" with Brad Pitt.  

We rarely go to the movies.  The last movie we went to see was Wild Hoggs. With John Travolta.  I love that movie it was so funny.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Grandson's Cuteness...

My grandson will be 1 next Friday.  He is a cutie.  He is short for his age (only in the 25th percentile) and is just now walking.  He also has this grin that just melts your heart.

Last week my daughter went shopping and wrapped some presents for him and put them in the closet.  He's one... he won't ever find them.  Later that evening he was quiet.  His daddy went looking for him and found him.  The closet door was open, there he sat.... picking up each package, giving it a shake then licking it!  

Guess he's smarter than all of us grown ups.. we only shake them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Country Music... the songs of life

Music has played a large part in my life.  My grandfather taught himself to play the "fiddle" at the age of 9.  I grew up spending weekends listening to him play in a band at local square dances.  Many a night us kids would dance and twirl and bunny hop and dos e doe around till we were so tired.  We would find a chair, a corner, somewhere to curl up and fall asleep.  When grandpa was done and mom and dad were danced out they would load us up and head home.  I remember many a night of dad carrying me to the car.  

When I got older I learned to play piano and violin.  I was never like grandpa and played "fiddle".  I wish I had learned that type of music on my violin.  I have always loved music.  A song can bring back memories and touch your heart.  

When I saw this couple on Can You Duet I told my husband... they will go far.  This is what COUNTRY music REALLY is... the old stuff.  The stuff my parents listened to.  On warm summer nights mom and dad would put is in bed about 8 pm.  The would put a stack of records on the record player, turn it way up so the music filled the house and we would go to sleep to Porter Wagner, Jim Reeves, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty....  it brings back such happy memories thinking of those evenings.   When I hear Joey and Rory... I'm 10 again.

Watch this submission video for their entry onto the show Can You Duet.  It is a great introduction to them and their music.  Then please, buy thier music.  I downloaded the whole cd today at for 8.99.   Show the music industry there are those of us who appreciate the OLD stuff.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Discount Food Store -- my foot!

This a.m. I needed a couple more ingredients for my soup.  I was thinking about it and figured I would run to the "Forest Discount Grocery".  It opened last summer but I have only been in there a couple times.  It's not far, right across from the Winn Dixie BUT it is tucked back in and I don't much think about it.  Since I am trying to find ways to cut corners where we can I figured that might be the place to do some shopping.

WOW!  Was I ever wrong.

Canned veggies:  .89 per can.   Cost at Save A Lot  .39/ can    
Milk:  4.89/gal Cost accross the street at CVS: 3.69/GAL    Cost at Aldis:  2.79/ Gal

NOW... can they legally call themselves a discount grocer????  I think not!

Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday:  Hamburgers and Tossed Salad

Wednesday: Baked Chicken, Rice, Carrots

Thursday:  Leftover Night

Friday: Crispy Lemon Fish (from Chubbie Chica's site)

Saturday:  Crockpot Chili

Sunday:  Hot Dogs and Beans 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday... lazy sorta day

It really wasn't fully lazy as I did accomplish some things but I also spent six hours in my recliner watching movies.  I can not tell you the last time I sat and watched ONE movie from beginning to end but to watch three in a row!!!  Wowsie.  

Baby has been moving quite a bit today.  It has taken a bit to get used to that feeling again.  I enjoy it now because I know the lil one is ok as long as I can feel those rolls and kicks every so often.

Hubby grilled me a steak.  

My 16 year old backed some cookies and for some reason they taste very salty!  She followed the recipe to a t so not sure what is going on with that.  It is the same recipe we always use for chocolate chip cookies.  

Well, back to school work that I put off all day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Busy Saturday and Grrrrrr

I slept till about 8:30 this a.m. and got up and started cleaning.  I started in the living room by stripping the couch cushions of their covers and putting them in the wash machine.  I used White Brite (formally known as yellow out) as my couch is white... (I know yuck but it was given to us).  After the five minute recommended soak the water looked like mop water!  I knew it was getting bad as the grand kids are here and even though I have the rule they are not to eat in the living room if I am not around the rule is not followed.  Even thier mom and dad does not enforce it.  It will start getting enforced!  We found a spot under one end table where someone had spilled and entire drink and not cleaned it up!  Now I will have to rent a steam cleaner and clean the rugs in a couple weeks.  More expense I shouldn't have to incur.  

I bought a shelf and installed it in the kitchen above the counter and turned it into my baking center.  I have flour, sugar, wheat flour, self rising flour, powdered milk, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder and vanilla all right there and handy now.  I am going to use the huge cupboard I used to have the baking stuff stacked in for cereal which will free up the bottom of my microwave cart in order to use it for small appliance storage.  Once I am totally done I will post some photos.  

My kitchen is so tiny it's hard to find places for anything.  When ever I cook and bake I am always griping and complaining about my kitchen.  

We went yard saling yesterday.  I picked up an entire crib ensamble for $3!  It's beautiful.  It's white eyelet material.  We also got a Revereware Stainless Steel 5qt pot for $5.  I have had my set that contains the same pot for 19 years now.  From the outside this one looked brand new but when I lifted the lid I could see why it was for sale and why no one else had bought it.  The person had burnt something on it so bad they had not been able to get it clean.  But I, being that my daughter did the same thing about five years ago, know how to fix this problem.

Five years ago....
I asked my 15 year old to keep an eye on the rice while I ran two blocks to the grocery store for something.  When I came back.... it had burned so bad it wasn't even funny.  After two weeks of soaking, comet, bleach etc.  hubby delared "Throw the damn pot away.  That crap is NOT coming off!"
I could not throw away my favorite pot!  I would figure something out some how some way.
A couple weeks later I ran to the hard ware store for something and some how came across this attachment for a drill.  It was a wire bristled brush.  It said "for paint removal or light metal polishing!"  Wallah!  

I bought the part and when hubby got home from work he found me in the kitchen with his drill, a tiny bit of hot water and some comet going at my pan.  When I got done it looked brand spanking new!  He had to laugh at my ingenuity!

So... yesterday when I lifted the lid on the pan I think the lady expected me to put it back on and walk away as all the others had all day.... I didn't.  I grinned from ear to ear and said "Honey, I know how to fix this.  SOLD!"   I know, I probably should have shared with the lady in case she does it to another pan but hey... maybe she'll sell it next year for $5 bucks!  :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Old Journal

I updated on the bar to the left a feed to link directly to my recent posts on xanga. 


I am going to try and update here more often and get to the point where this is where I blog most of the time.  I have had my xanga for almost five years but it's time to move on.  Just wish I could figure out how to bring it over here.  My xanga is at 

I am feeling a bit better now that I am in the second trimester.  I am still a moody moody woman.  I guess being pregnant for the first time in 16 years will do that to a person.  I am trying to keep up with the college work, the house work and bills but my mind just seems so muffled. I guess that is how you would describe it.  I can't seem to concentrate anymore at all.

I found out last night my step daughter is pregnant with her fourth child.  This is not good blessed news that it should be.  Her husband does not treat her well at all.  He cheats on her all the time.  She left him last month and went with this other guy then got back with her hubby.  Needless to say this baby is not her husbands.  Such a mess these kids make of their lives these days.  No matter how much I talk and tell them they need God and he can fix all things they don't listen.  Who suffers for it... the children.  

They are all living here with us.  This house is small for the four of us and there are nine living here now... my nerves are shot.  I have to figure out how to feed us all on the small food budget we have.  Over the years I have gotten good at stretching things but this really takes the cake.  

Tomorrow hubby is taking me to the flea market.  We will go to the huge produce section to get our produce.  On most things we can do better there than anywhere else.  Today after I finish up some school work I will check the sales at all the local supermarkets to see what is on sale where.  I will then go through my coupons and see if there are any we can use.  The last couple weeks I have been shopping at the new local Aldis.  It is a discount grocery and you truly can save a good amount of money.  Butterball Turkeys are 8.99.  The turkeys are 11 pounds so that works out to .82 a pound which is great for down here. 

Well, I better get to work!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Off Bedrest but still not up to par

Doc took me off bedrest but told me to still take it easy as the sub chorionic bleed is still there but much smaller and shifted lower.  I have found I HAVE to take it easy as I tire quickly.  We are still up in arms about a boys name but in about 7 weeks I should have another ultrasound that will determine sex of the baby so we will know if we need a boys name or not.  Hubby is stuck on Olivia for a girl.  I like it so I am not complaining.  I personally like Madison or Madelyn to call her Maddie but he isn't keen on that.  So, if it's a girl it'll be Olivia Danae.

Boys names we are all over the place on.  Garrett, Gavin, Gage, Josiah (my fav), Isaiah, Jackson....  who knows where we will land or if we will have to.

The weather here has been absolutely wonderful.  Breezy and cooler.  I LOVE it.  Of course the snow birds that have already arrived are complaining that they didn't come to Florida for cool weather.  No, they came to Florida to drive slow and congest our roads...yup... that's what they are here for!  Sorry,  I get irritated with them.  The traffic gets so bad and they do not care if they are driving 30 in a 60.  They do not care that the people that live here year round have jobs to get to.  Appointments that need to be gotten to ON TIME.  Nope, they don't care.  They just like to put along and see what has changed since last year.  

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Being pregnant and being almost 40 has me thinking a lot lately.  I have four grand children.  Three of them are technically "step" grandchildren but we treat all the same.  Am I ready to be a mom again and not just Nana to a wee one?  

I don't like one aspect of this pregnancy at all.  I can not take my depression meds.  It is a low dose but it is enough to ward off symptoms.  So, I am a hormonal depressed mess.  My temper is so short I would be considered fuseless to all.  

Monday, October 20, 2008

First Post About My Crazy Life and Family

So, I have been blogging for years... over four now at Xanga.  I need another blog like I need a hole in my head, however, my life is taking a turn I never expected at almost fourty and I think I shall start anew here, blogging about how life sure can sping you in a whole new direction.

I have three kids.  Kait is 20, Lew is 17 and Em is 16.  I have two step kids.  Shannon is 25 and Ryan is 21.  My hubby and I have been together for eight years and married seven.  (this March it will roll over to nine together and married eight).  Hubby is 47.  

We are expecting a baby in May.

We have moved a lot over the years.  With five kids you are always trying to find a bigger place.  Once they started moving out we started down sizing.  We are now in a small three bedroom mobile home.  At first we thought:  time to find a bigger place.  Then, in today's economy we thought, we can make this work.  HOW we are going to make this work should be interesting.  

This blog is going to be about our learning to get on a strict budget.  I am no longer working.  I was laid off in March and unemployment is about out.  I want to stay home with this baby for at least the first five years.  A month before I found out I was pregnant I started college.  Due to some complications I am now doing classes from home.  This is not what I had planned but it will work out.  I am hoping next semester to do online classes from home then in a year I will pick up and finish my last year of my degree.

I will also post recipes, funny stories, and mom stuff.

Gone Far Too Long

Why did I ever get away from my blog? Oh yeah... life. My "baby" will be 9 next week.  My husband has faced kidney failure and...